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Business Insurance for Auto Repair Shops

Do you have a reputation for working mechanical magic on imported cars? Perhaps your shop is earning social media kudos for repairs on bodies, mufflers, transmissions, exhausts or windshields. Maybe you stay busy with a steady stream of customers at your car wash or quick lube and oil change chain.

Whatever automotive service you provide, there’s never enough time to think about insurance. Farmers agents understand — they’re small business owners, too. And that’s why they’re here to provide support whether you’re choosing a policy or filing a claim.

Here are just some of the ways you can help manage risk at your auto shop:

➲Protect your business!

➲ Risk: There’s an accident with minor injuries when the wheel of a customer’s car breaks loose — your technician forgot to tighten some lug nuts while rotating tires.

➲ Risk: A truck causes structural damage to your shop when it rolls off the lift and into the wall.

➲ Risk: An employee gets into a fender-bender while test-driving a customer vehicle he just serviced.

➲ Risk: You arrive one morning to discover a broken lock — worse, you also find that tools and equipment worth thousands of dollars are missing from your garage.

➲ Coverage: Garage liability or Garagekeepers insurance can help cover costs when a technician’s error is responsible for damage at your shop.

➲ Coverage: Business property insurance can help with repair and replacement costs when buildings, equipment or tools are damaged by covered events like accidents or fires.

➲ Coverage: Garagekeepers coverage can help pay for repairs and costs if there’s an accident involving a customer’s vehicle under your care.

➲ Coverage: Business personal property insurance can help offset losses when they’re caused by robbery.

Tailor a policy to fit your business

Pelican Insurance provides insurance options that enable you to get the insurance you want for your business — along with help to minimize risk. For example:

➲ Your auto shop’s business insurance is conveniently packaged in a single policy that can include options like cyber liability and employer liability insurance.

➲ Free loss control services can help you identify workplace hazards and provide a safer work environment. Farmers can even provide customized training material.

Pelican Insurance works to build strong customer relationships

Pelican Insruance has spent over 20 years putting customers first. Are you shopping for coverage, or do you have a question about your policy? Maybe you’re ready to request an auto repair insurance quote. Be sure to let a Farmers agent deliver personalized service and support.

You’ll experience a similar level of care from our knowledgeable claims representatives, who will provide assistance as quickly as possible.

To learn more about what Farmers can do for your auto service and repair shop, call an agent today at 954-583-5444.

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