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Insurance for your Salon and Day Spa

Hair Salon, Day Spa, and Barber Policy

As a business owner, you want insurance coverage tailored to your line of work. Whether you own a Hair Salon, or rent a chair in one, or have a Day Spa or Barber Shop, we can help you find the coverage that fits your needs. You'll choose the property and liability protection that you feel is right for you because a State Farm® agent can help customize your coverage.

There are many distinctive features available in the Hair Salon, Day Spa, and Barber Policy:

➲ Property – To protect your business building(s), contents, and equipment from a covered accidental direct physical loss.

➲ General Liability – To protect yourself financially against costly claims and lawsuits covered under the policy.

Salon1 ➲ Loss of Income – Covers the actual loss of business income caused by a suspension of operations because of covered accidental direct physical loss to the insured premises, including any extra expense incurred to the extent it minimizes the loss of income.

➲ Barber, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians Professional Liability – To protect yourself financially against costly claims and lawsuits arising from the services that you provide to customers.

➲ Hired Auto – Helps to protect for insured's legal liability arising out of the maintenance or use of a hired auto by the insured or insured's employees.

➲ Ordinance or Law – Covers the loss in value and increased cost due to the enforcement of municipal laws or ordinances regulating the construction or repair of damaged buildings caused by an insured loss.

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